Rules and Guidelines

While here, please follow these rules and guidelines. Failure to do so will result in warnings all the way up to being banned completely from the site.

Site Rules

• Respect: Respect is the number one rule on the site and therefore disrespecting won't be tolerated under any circumstance. Anything will be done to strive to keep that goal and no one is above it, not even the highest power being the Dungeon Master. Breaking this rule will result in warnings all the way to being banned from the site on the spot depending on the severity of the offense.
• Spamming: Please refrain from spamming by posting the wrong content in the wrong forum. This helps keep the site organized and neat. Character data goes in the character forums, off-topic goes in the off-topic forum, suggestions goes in the Q&A section, and so forth. If there is a thread that doesn't have anything to do with the forum it's posted in, it will most likely be deleted without warning.

D&D Game Rules

• Cheating: This is the absolute #1 rule in the game. CHEATING WON'T BE TOLERATED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!!
This rule will be strictly enforced and if anybody is caught cheating they will be banned without any warning period. Cheating is very low and ruins the game for everyone else.
The following are considered cheating:
1.) Changing any stats on your character sheet that was clearly not there before. Take note The Dungeon Master keeps all character sheets and character data backed up so there is no possible way of cheating. Any attempt would be most likely caught.
2.) Using OOC (out-of-character) knowledge into IC (in-character) knowledge.
3.) Even though this is impossible, but altering dice rolls.
4.) Powerplaying someone else's character without their permission.
• PVP (player vs player): You cannot kill other players UNLESS both parties agree to fight each other either for profit or fun. If fighting each other, but not wanting to kill, let each party know first. Again, both have to agree.
• Powerplaying: If you're going to be absent for a certain period of time and would require your character to play in order to make the plot move on, please have someone else powerplay your character either being another player you granted permission to or the Dungeon Master. If the Dungeon Master already has many players to powerplay, please try to get other players to do it for you. This would usually deal with other players in your party.
• Violence: You can be as violent and as gory as you want, but just try not to make it too much detailed to the point where it would make others nauseated.
• Romance: Heavy romance is allowed but nothing beyond normal groping and kissing. Please use "common sense" when it comes to the details as well. There is a mature section for players over 18 for this, but it still doesn't roleplay all the way.
• Profanity: I don't mind swearing that much but just for the courtesy of others, I ask you to not curse so much in the game. Simply use * in place of the letters even though there is a forum filter to assist with this (i.e. s***).
• Sentencing and Grammar: Because D&D is a quick-paced game, I don't have any special rules on how long a post has to be or how "perfect" the spelling or grammar has to be. All I ask is make sure the reply is understandable enough for the player to respond to it. Write as you please.

Warning System

The following are the levels of warnings before being banned from the site completely. For every rule-breaking (depending on the severity of the offense) there will be a reminder given. And then after three reminders, a warning will be given.

Warning Bar
No warnings given
1 warning given
2 warnings given
Serious warning given

** If you see any rule breaking please help the staff and report it. Don't approach the matter yourself, that is what staff is for. Thank you **