Story behind Fate of Asteria

In one of the spiral arms of the Asteria Galaxy, in the Hunde Binary Star System on the closest planet to the secondary star, the inhabitants have enjoyed their peaceful time with their warm home world for several thousand years and now soon face a great dilemma - they are sucking their planet's resources dry. Species with longer lifespans have proved to live out much of their time on the world nicely compared to the rest with shorter lifespans. Everything changed as technology got better and all the species advanced in intelligence cause in the year 1702 A.W. (after the great war) the inhabitants of Astarte have discovered the technology of space travel and overtime settled the star system. Each race went on their separate way.

A thousand or more years later, the races of Astarte have advanced further in technology and settled in four other neighboring star systems unsuccessfully finding any other lifeforms in their attempt to explore deep space in search for more riches and intelligent life. Of course with conquest comes warfare. Throughout the time of their exploration to the other star systems, there wasn't ever a moment of peace. And something had to change in order to gaurentee their very survival in the harsh unknown of space. That didn't occur until those settled in each system decided warfare wasn't the answer and forming treaties would be beneficial. Therefore in the year 2952 A.S. (after space travel) they all formed a mutual pact and formed their first sector and place in the galaxy.

Even after the five star systems formed a treaty to be at peace with each other and trade freely without the worry of being attacked, they were never aware that they were far from being out of the woods. On a remote planet somewhere in deep space - a rogue planet - a nasty discovery was found and soon in time, the inhabitants of Astarte would realize they weren't alone in the galaxy...