Chatbox Rules

The main site rules also apply here but the following are rules specifically for the chatbox.

1.) Keep all topics and chats PG-13 and lower rating.

2.) Please refrain from keeping a topic going if it was offending someone and they asked for the topic to be stopped. Failure to do so with result in warnings. Respect is key.

3.) Topics regarding politics and religion is allowed but please respect others for their choices and beliefs. Criticizing and judging others won't be tolerated. If the topic related to either of the two ends up into an argument, please change the subject as it would only cause more problems.

4) Roleplaying in the chatbox is fine as long as it doesn't disturb the others and stays within the allowed rating. If it ends up being an issue, please take it elsewhere. If it does become an issue periodically, this rule will be changed to banning Chatbox RP's entirely.

5.) Personal information is not allowed to be displayed in the chatbox including real names, addresses, phone numbers, age, birthdays, etc. If you choose to express your personal information please do at your own risk.

6.) If you have any issues regarding these rules please PM a mod if none are present at the time and don't try to solve it yourself. Chat mods are in place for this.

7.) If any of these rules are broken after you were told to stop, a warning will be given. After 3 warnings, you will be banned from the chatbox for 24 hours. If you continue to break the rules, you may be banned from the chatbox permanently.